my typical day.

December 20, 2010
By blookroo1 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
blookroo1 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Favorite Quote:
" no cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it." william turner- pirates of the caribbean at world end

standing in the rain
standing on firm ground
standing through the pain
crying out loud

wake from this dream
break up the fight
running through the night
eyes start to gleam
as they try to end your life

crying out in pain
with nothing to gain
trip and fall to the ground
emotional walls come crashing down

they cut you up and you start to bleed
crying out and you start to plead
cut your face and cut your chest
your getting close to your last breath

crying out in pain
crying out loud
crying through the rain
as the chains come unbound

an unending strength
a need to carry on
and protect the ones that did you no wrong

struggle up
push them back
watch them fall
and snap their neck

while walking away
with nothing to say
letting your thoughts slip away

feel the knife come through your chest
think how you gave your best
look him in the face
see him full of disgrace
feeling your life start to disipate

pull it out your back
thinking why wont he attack
knife in hand you slit his throat
and see another stand and gloat

he pulls out a gun
and shoots you in the head
see him run
go get him. you're NOT DEAD

break his wrist
hear a thud
watch him fall in the mud

falling back to the mud
thinking theres no way you wish you could
as you get up and crawl away
think about the ones you love this day

crawling to the end of the street
who is it but your love you meet
she helps you up and you walk away
thinking this is just a typical day

The author's comments:
the first poem i ever wrote outside of a school project.

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