the rise. the fall.

December 20, 2010
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pouring from his chest is blood.
he cant get up out of the mud.
the tears are spilling down his face,
and yet he is filled with the most grace.

he cant get up.
let him out!
he wont shut up!
but he doesnt shout.

he is here to die.
dont you pretend to cry!
dont you fake! dont you dare!
you will be caught in your own snare.

he is here to get beat down.
he will die in this awful town.
he is here to take his life.
he is here to die with my pain and strife.

he is here to be choked and beat.
he can barely stand on his own two feet!
see his eyes set just right.
he has come here to die tonight.

the spear has pierced his chest.
see now his body has been laid to rest.
see how this man that you loved,
has given us his grace from above.

did you think when you whipped his back?
his emotions he did not lack!
did you think when you walked him down the streets?!
when people spat on his face and feet?!
he had a life! he had a heart!
did you think that something brand new would start?!

he died for me!
he died for you!
if only i could see,
the love he gave us few....

a crown of thorns on his head.
did we presume that he would stay dead?
he will one day come again!
and i will fight for him untill the end!

and when that day arrives,
we will gladly give up our lives!
to save the one who saved us all.
we will rise at the fall.

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