I am thankful for…

December 18, 2007
By Aisha Khan, Coral Springs, FL

A is for ambience activities
So that all we do is bright

Fun and games and experiences

Like when you first learned to fly a kite.

B is for beautiful birth
When something comes to be
When someone finally comes to life
And cries with joyous glee.

C is the caring couple
The ones who brought me here
They try to concur with me even when I’m wrong
And they make everything seem more clear.

D is for deep decisions
The ones that I had made
For that’s was averted exacerbating troubles
And that’s what gave me shade.

E is for elusive education
All the things I’ve learned
Over these past eleven years
And I hope it’s what I earned.

F is for my fantastic family
All the support I’ve got
From my loving parents and sibling
Even though sometimes, we have fought.

G is for Great God
He made this world, you se
He’s the reason we’re all here
He’s how we’ve come to be.

H is for hysterical happiness
All the glory that starts
‘Till the point when I die it will end
And until then, it will not part.

I is for inspiring intelligence
That is mysteriously drawn to me
The wonders of the universe
Have uncovered and are free.

J is for joyous justice
The happiness we can share
Days and days go by
And people start to care.

K is for the kept key
I found in my deepest dream
That opens the door to success
Oh, how it makes my heart steam!

L is for lots of love
That days have given me
All the love my heart desires
There’s no more room to be

M is for a million miles
The amount I’ve traveled so far
The steps I’ve gone in life
I won’t stop until I reach a star.

N is for neutral nature
The wildlife short and tall
And with it comes the seasons and weather
Like beautiful spring and falling Fall.

O is for open opportunities
That life has given me amicably
The choices I had received
Would wonder merrily.

P is for a person’s perfection
No matter how much you want to be
Nobody is perfect
And that is what perfection is, you see

Q is for the quality quest
That we must succeed in, or at least try
For yesterday’s quest is tomorrow’s quest
Until the day you die.

S is for sentimental stars
As they shine brightly in the sky
The happiness that they spread
Make someone want to spread their wings and fly.

T is for our terrible troubles
That we must face in life
I’m thankful for troubles because
We learn our mistakes and are well-prepared for life.

U is for unseen understandment
When someone really knows
But keeps it from the others
The knowledge stays with them and never goes.

V is for very vociferous
The craziness we can share
For that is but a sign of happiness
Not having this craziness is rare.

W is for wonderful waves
And boats flow that the stream, like a dream
You feel like the song has come alive
“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream!”

X is for a xanthic xiphoid
For it shines like the moon
It is made to protect people
From danger and trouble, like a cartoon.

Y is for the young years
That tell me I’m not done yet
And remind me to try my best
Because when you’re done, you cannot reset.

Z is for the zealous zone
That has all kinds of emotions
Mad people, sad people, bibliophiles, etc.
Too many in the world to mention.

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