December 20, 2010
By suikagirl BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
suikagirl BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
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Sestina for Cupcakes

She feels so happy
to take them out
twelve beautiful cupcakes
all perfect and warm,
the smell of vanilla
fills the room.

She goes to another room
to get frosting for the cupcake
she takes one jar out
inside is creamy vanilla
the frosting inside is cold but the jar is warm
she felt so happy.

Then she takes the cupcakes out
of the pan still a little warm
and frosts them with the vanilla
she does each cupcake
all by herself in the room
she couldn't feel any more happy.

She put the cupcakes
on a vanilla
colored stand in the room
she finally brought them out
of the room and on the warm
table, she was very happy .

The author's comments:
I love to make cupcakes!

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