December 18, 2007
For all of the years, we've been so vain.
Not seeing the truth hiding in our pain.

The happiness we had made us insane
Now we lie, separated like one single grain

Everything isolated, everything plain
It's as if my existence has been rinsed dwon the drain.

Love, jealously, hatred, abilities I cannot attain.
Also abilities I cannot regain.

Starting the day that I left my domain,
When I tried to break free of the perilous chain

"If there's only one drop, then you can't call it rain."
Concluding, one drop was all I could obtain.

But now even that drop has lost it's reign.
Fault rest on arrogance- acting inhumane

Loss is the champion, as it will remain
But the Win did not lose this difficult game

Although lonely a raindrop and lonely a grain,
When sky turns gray- not even I can complain.

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