December 18, 2007
By Brittany Eastman, Portage, MI

His smile shined divinely
Like he morning glow f the sun
And his eyes reflected the light
His glisten looked like an explosion
And even tasted like diamonds
If only Michael knew
What I was thinking that day
At the camp site
But there was no reflection
Here we are today
Arguing over whose more gangster
But we both know it’s me
‘I betcha can’t do it like me’
Can’t he see my love for him?
Every second my grip grows stronger
It’s because he has gum in his eye
The undying rose of our love
Is placed next to my heart
Also undying
He doesn’t realize
That he keeps it close to his
Almost close enough
That our hearts can hold hands
He will always love his boo
And he’ll be here forever
He tells me that a lot
Finally I got what I wanted
The sweet smell of victory
Flows throughout the air
Ant the bells of defeat
Will ring all year long
My pain finally overtook the kill
I had to give up what I wanted
To get just that
You simper le ado rare
My praying hands whisper upon God
I can never thank him enough
For his Devine smile
Equivalent to the morning sun
And the light reflected from his eyes
One day I will tell him
That the light he reflects
Brightened my life

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