December 18, 2007

Watched Reefer Madness
last night, and I thought
about you and that first kiss.
You’d startled me that night.


School has started again,
and I expect to run into you,
though I know you’ll do
what you can to prevent that.


Cleaned my room today.
I found a lot of trash, and my old Pokémon cards. Charmander was
your favorite; I still remember that.


Found the copy of Walden
you’d given me when we
broke up. I thought about
throwing it away, but I
couldn’t let the book suffer
on your behalf.


Signed on to AIM tonight;
your name showed up and I
half-expected to receive
a message. Of course,
one never came. I should
delete you from my friends list.


Ran into you today when I
was walking down the stairs.
You didn’t acknowledge me, just
hurried away; we did agree not to talk,
but this apathy isn’t fair.


In class I heard you talk badly
about a movie we watched together.
I know you only said it to hurt me.
It did.


Got into a car accident yesterday.
Don’t worry, I’m fine but the car
isn’t. Wasn’t the best end to a
not-so-great week.


We had another bonfire this
past week. My mother asked me
to invite another guest since you wouldn’t be there, so I asked Elijah.
She said we looked nice together,
but I ended up falling asleep.


Saw you at the Annex
lighting fireworks last night,
so I held Elijah close to me.
I wanted to make you jealous.
I’m still hoping it did.

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