Your Babygirl

December 21, 2010
By , Maryville, TN
We are young this is true
But not to young for me and you
To live our lives side by side
And love eachother til the day we die
But the way i feel for you is way more than love
Its a firey passion sent from above
How my heart beat everytime you smile
Makes this line im walking worth every mile
The kisses you give me are oh so sweet
That its hard to stand on my own two feet
The way i feel as we embrace
Holding eachother face to face
Cant be written, cant be read
Cant be heard, or cant be said
Because there is not a word that is real
That could ever express the way i feel
When i speak your name the heavans ring
You are my everything
I thank God each and every day
Because i am blessed
I dont ask for much but
He has given me the best
You truely are my whole world
Im so glad to be your girl
I dream about you every night
Then i wake up ready to fight
For this unspoken thing we share together
I promise i will love u always and forever.

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