Everything is NOT Okay!

December 17, 2007
By Sarah Stout, Rockville, MO

I can't seem to find
whats on your mind
I look into your eyes
but remember all your lies
I don't know what to think,
there must be some kink.
you call out of the blue
what do you expect me to do
I'm not the same person you once knew
You havent talked to me in days
but you think everythings okay.
because of you I have learned to push people away
There is nothing you can say
to make this pain go away
You'll have to earn my trust
It can't just be about lust.
I try to convince myself to move on
but then i hear our song
and wander what went wrong.
Nothings like it use to be
I wish i could wash away your memory
It seems to work for awhile
then i realize, Its just denial
You knew how i felt
but to you i was just another notch on your belt
Don't worry i have delt
We've been together twice
This will be the last time i role the dice
BUT are you willing to pay the price
If it doesn't turn out so nice?

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