Truth of Beauty

December 17, 2007
By alyx koch, Lake In The Hills, IL

There’ve been moments where I’ve felt low because of my looks and what not.
I always hear over and over again,
“Stop complaining, and be thankful for what you’ve got.”

It’s harder than it appears, don’t you see?
I feel like the others, look a lot more beautiful than me
All the glitz and the glam;
That’s not all that I am
Yet I feel it’s who I need to be
(In order to be noticed).

I’m so tired of the name-brand designers.
It gets extremely old after awhile.
At the same time, that’s what everyone seems to be wearing these days.
Still I like to be original.

It’s frustrating, wearing make-up throughout the day.
Somehow I feel like I can’t get it right.
I’d prefer to be jazzed.
Just seems like such a mess,
when the day finally ends.

I want someone to see me not just for the outside;
In depth, on the inside as well.
I’d rather be judged for what is in my heart
Instead of jewelry, color, and all.
I say the truth of beauty is simple:
We were made to not always wear a mask
It may not be easy, but it’s just to be who you are.
The true beauty will come from within.

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