December 17, 2007
I’m not the type that always gets the grades or scores the goals
Usually the one sitting on the sidelines, watching the magic unfold

Seeing people of all kinds, living out their dreams
Causing me to remind myself, that too can be me

We sometimes live in a world that can be dark, confusing, and strange
I’m not going to sit back and wait
I’m going to do my best to make a change

So I’ll start from the ground up, and go toward the sky
Make friends and give all the love that I can; make a difference in people’s lives

Over the years I’ve been blessed with many friendships
A lot I’ve dragged through muck and dirt, yet they’re still with me today

Now I wanna give back what’ve been given
Dry the tears and somewhat ease whatever pain they may be feeling

May God shine through me
Put a smile across someone’s face
Do all I can to bless those within my life and this world

Who says there is such a thing as too big of a dream?
Even for an ordinary girl
Who cares about the trophy, the glory, or the popularity?

My only prayer, perhaps my purpose
To be a light
And to leave this Earth, knowing that I touched at least one person’s heart

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