Ode to Thelius

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Born of stone and insatiable rage
Comes a dwarf, a holy man, with a great maul
He is no silly soft mage
No. This dwarf will be your fall.
Thelius, the Paladin, a warrior of light.
The blood of the mighty flows through him.
He has unspeakable divine might.
Evil’s chances are now quite slim.

Shatter stones with a single fist.
Crush the dragon with a mighty blow.
His retribution has never missed.
His shining hammer remains aglow.
For Moradin he fights, and evil he will stamp.
Thelius could be a real saint.
If not for his beatings of the tramp(s)
And his rage: the absolute taint.

Long ago, he left the clan.
He’d beat the hell out of any fool.
Whether Dragonborn or a man,
Any opponent met his best rule.
“Fight ‘til you die
‘til your bones turn to dust.
Unleash your warcry
And turn enemies into rust.
At the end of the day,
Meet your neighbors and friends
So that for any sins you may
Make complete amends.
Pray to Moradin to win.
Cowardice cannot be stood
It’s the greatest sin,
Just like rogues in their hoods.”

What will time tell for him?
Is he the strongest of the strong?
Or will his light dim?
And the winners are the wrong?
His destiny you will guard,
For I am only the bard.

The author's comments:
Based on the Dwarf Paladin, Thelius. A D&D character.

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