Take the Lead

December 17, 2007
By natalie ishizu, Meridian, ID

The family there, everybody crying.
Oh why does it have to be him dying?
The sun goes away, and darkness comes out.
Oh why, oh why him? I want to get out!
All the family members sitting, and sitting in a line.
Thinking of happiness once upon a time.
Sitting there cold and taken aback.
Why him my dear brother Mack?
Sitting in sorrow, I sit there and cry.
It was the worst day of my life.
I lost my best friend who is also my brother.
Oh why be happy? Oh why even bother?
The cars crashed together, and his life was taken.
When I heard how he died I was shaken.
He died just like that, no time with any pain.
He is in heaven and I’ll see him again.
Hes got his halo, and his angel wings.
But he is happy and that means.
To see me cry it hurts him a lot
Because to him it means I forgot.
Forgot he was with me, forgot he was here.
So no longer should there be fear.
So I’ll stop crying and feeling so sad.
Instead I’ll be happy for the life that he had.
Sitting by me when I eat, standing by when I eat.
Because He is my cane when I am weak.
Also my hero when I’m in need.
For he is still my angel who will take the lead.

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