Wendy's Flight

December 17, 2007
By Shelby Cain, North Potomac, MD

*based on the fairytale Peter Pan by James Barrie, told from the perspective of Wendy's brother John

Wendy, in her worn blue dress
gazed into the cloudy night
looking back on chances missed,
her choices wrong and choices right.
His shadow danced upon the wall,
her tender face turned wrinkled white
the memory of her Peter Pan,
of Neverland and childrens' flight.
Pixie dust and happy thoughts,
Or had it been love that made them soar?
Poor Wendy longed to be a kid
because growing up was such a bore.
In Neverland, she felt so free,
among willow trees and willow seas,
with Peter she could fly away and escape life's bleak realities.
She fought the frightful Captain Hook
and cared for the Lost Boys as they played,
why had she chosen to grow up,
when in Neverland she could have stayed?
Here Wendy sat, her past behind her,
a mother, a sister, a grown-up, a wife,
She had picked what she had to but not what she wished,
a life misled but a long lived life.
She longed to fly by Peter's side,
to swordfight evil and feel carefree,
so Wendy made a grown-up choice
to end her life of misery.
Her window open, her eyes shut tight
I, John, her brother, knew her plan-
With Peter's help (and pixie dust),
She jumped a flew to Neverland.

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