December 17, 2007
C – R – U – S – H
By definition means to compress
But in my mind,
It’s solely defined
As someone to impress
Usually considered an emotion
But if you ask me
You’ll come to see
That it’s really an undying devotion
M-E and Y-O-U
Considered pronouns to most
But in my life
These words hold strife
And represent what is now a ghost
Both a title and a longing for something lost
But only when
You feel it, then
You realize what it can cost
Describes something we want to un-do
But there’s absolutely never
A time that I would ever
Use this to describe moments with you
A noun associated with regret
But I don’t want to take it back
As a matter of fact
It’s something I hope I never forget
Something we don’t get too many of
But I can’t say goodbye
So I’m willing to try
A second chance on our love
Means transparent and easy to see
But it’s obvious you’re without
Because I had to spell it out
That you and I are meant to be

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