What Has Come To?

December 17, 2007
By Yliana Rodriguez, Passaic, NJ

What has come to?
This is one worldwide question that I hear over and over again.
In English they ask curiously, "What has life come to?".
In Spanish they ask, "What has life come to?".
In Chinese they ask, "What has life come to?"
Everyone asks, but doesn't do.
We know what life has come to, but we just as well contribute.
Wars everywhere, no peace anywhere.
Gang violence, they don't consider mercy.
Abandoned and orphaned-It seems no one cares.
Homeless-Can't get a dime, never mind a dollar.
Abused and abusive-The hurt and hurtless.
Too many girls that are turning bulimic. So insecure; always trying to hide.
But really it's all bones in front of their eyes.
Teens in general contemplating suicide. So many hurts deep inside.
No one trys to clean those stains squeaky.
Why do people choose to live that life? Too many questions with no answers... Maybe that's why.

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