How Often the Tale Has Been Told...

December 17, 2007
By Mighty.Morphing.Brower.Ranger GOLD, South Haven, Michigan
Mighty.Morphing.Brower.Ranger GOLD, South Haven, Michigan
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How often the tale has been told
I can guess at;
tens of thousands of children
trying to prove themselves adults,
and falling in love with someone
who dosen't love them back.
In Love?
Of Love?
Out of favor where I am In love.
So the story goes,
So my tears fall.
You've been invading my thoughts for a while now,
But I've been too frightened to speak.
Want to know a secret?
Want to know my secret?
I think I'm in love with you,
And I think I want to hide.
Will you snatch me from the dark?
Will you save me from the songs
and the poems,
that I write about you?
That I wish would come true?
Will your kisses make the sorrow disapper?
But I'll just walk along now,
and fade into the walls,
because I told you,
and you smiled,
and I knew exactly what you ment.

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