Snow feelings

December 24, 2010
By dorcha-aingeal GOLD, MPLS, Minnesota
dorcha-aingeal GOLD, MPLS, Minnesota
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Snow feelingsGliding through the snow
Emotions on the pure white floor
Diverse colors against the innocent white
Let it snow, let it snow

Little flackes falling down tenderly
Leisurely taking thier time
How incredible it would be,
to be a snow flack in the air
, no fear, no pain, no tear,
no hurt, no guilt, no dirt
Oh, how easy it would beto be a flack in the world
in the skyin the clouds,
floating, flying, escalating, gliding,
swiftly, slowly, soundlessly
one of so many yet a part of One

White, innocent, clean
New, bright, soft, delicate
flowing down from heaven,
at last, slumber in the stillness of the white obsecured land of mother nature.

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