A Day in the Life of an Addict.

December 14, 2010
By EmilyRae BRONZE, Fowlerville, Michigan
EmilyRae BRONZE, Fowlerville, Michigan
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*If it's not like the movies, that's how it should be.

Tell me what to do
Take my hand
Show me the way
Lead me there

I’m disoriented
In a complete daze
Even if I knew you
I wouldn’t recognize your face

Blacking out, phasing out
A cold sweat
Shivers sneaking up my spine
Perfectly painted eyelids fluttering shut

Lights fade
Pictures fade
Feelings fade
Life’s just a phase

Stuck in a sick, twisted mindset
Nowhere to turn
Except the wrong way
Ready for the backlash of the burn

Memories running on the screen
Just like a film
A pause in time
But I can’t seem to rewind

My breath is taken out of my chest
Gasping for air
Reaching for humanity
Just one more sensation of life

Shaking all over
For all the wrong reasons
Another heat stroke
Takes me over

My idea light bulb is flickering
On and off
It has no idea
No intention to stop

Stuttering a few of believed last words
“I’m sorry.”
There’s no proof of anything
But now there’s proof to a higher power of an apology

Everyone said ‘stop what you’re doing’
You’re going to hurt someone
But why would someone on this track
Listen to that

It’s not a lifestyle choice
Can’t just pick up and quit
You have to give it all up
Sink before you swim

Five stints in rehab
Boot camp twice
A last resort

Nothing can stop this fever
It’s the influence in your mind
You’re the influence
Were the influence

Eyes cemented shut
Brain damage

Watch the fireworks in your mind
They’re gone
We made the choice for you

The devil took what she wanted
Made you think she was your friend
Everyone tried
But you just lied over and over again

You’re in the devils hands
A fiery hell-bent trap
Waiting for your dealer
To walk through the gates of hell

Coercing grief before being gone
Killing the dream of a normal life
Can’t stop
Won’t stop

A bi-polar contradiction
Of good and evil
A smile and a warm embrace
But a syringe in unsuspecting veins

Leave it there
Laying on the floor in its own mess
He can’t clean it up for himself
But in the end I guess no one could

It’s just another day
In the life
An addict

The author's comments:
Someone I loved very dearly, had a substance abuse problem. He inspired me to write this poem.

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