Bite me

December 14, 2010
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I bumped into this guy and he just starts yelling at me. The guy who was yelling at me was probably around my age 16. I told him I was sorry for bumping into him but he just kept yelling at me. This guy was really starting to piss me off.
“Bite me “I yelled at him.

The guy froze. He was staring at me then a smirk came over his face. All of the sudden he came rushing towards me. He was so fast.

“Owww!!!” I yelped. There was a sharp pain in my neck, and then everything went black. I woke up in a dark alley way. “What the heck” I mumbled to myself confused. I looked at my watch on my wrist it was 10:23. Man I need to get home. I stood up, I felt weird and unstable. It was hard to walk strait I felt like I was going to trip over my feet and fall on my face.

When I got home every one was asleep. So I just went up to my room. I went into the bathroom. I was putting my hair up so I could wash my face when I noticed to marks on my neck. What the how did that get there? I was too tired to think so I just went to bed. I woke up the next morning. My body ached all over. I got dressed then then went into the bathroom I had bags under my eyes and my eyes looked a little red. Then I saw the two marks on my neck, they had purple bruises around them. Then I remembered. I remembered the guy yelling at me then BITING me. It all seemed so clear now. But not so clear at the same time cause I don’t know what’s happening to me all I knew was it had to do with something last night.

I went down stairs to see if anyone was awake, and I was really thirsty. It was light outside and the light seemed to be brighter almost over whelming. No one as down stairs though.
“Hello Rose you're awake” I heard someone say. I spun around to see the guy who bit me in my house. I was too shocked to say anything. “Rose I’m sorry about last night… I didn’t mean to”
“What exactly did you do to me last night?”I asked.
“I turned you…I’m sorry Rose”
“You turned me?”
“Yes you are going through the change of a mori”
“A mori what’s a mori ?”
“It’s a vampire except we can be in the light and eat normal food and we age, but we still need to drink blood once every day or we die” I didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry I caused this… so in return I will help you through the change and give you and help you get through things”
“I can’t believe this is happening to me” All of the sudden my knees gave in and I fell the guy caught me before I hit the ground then he held me. I put my face in his chest then started to cry. He strokes my head and said “everything’s going to be ok you’ll get through this” I looked up at him he seemed sad and had regret in his eyes. There was something that comforted me about him.”Who are you “I asked him
“My name is Dillon” he said then smiled at me a little bit. That’s when my life changed.

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i am the writer of this story. Please coment on it and give me your opinion on it. Thanks :)
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