I can feel the winter wind through each hole, they made me a bullet soul...

December 14, 2010
By mysticforest BRONZE, Dunmore, Pennsylvania
mysticforest BRONZE, Dunmore, Pennsylvania
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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
-Walt Emerson

"I fear neither death nor pain." -Eowyn, lord of the rings

how does life continue on?

does it weep everyday?

I cry until my eyes shine red

glazed over with the past

I beg that it will not last

the present cradles the future in hope

we fall...a quickened slope

falling together...united with pain

all of us searching...

for love and understanding in vain

in each other`s eyes

our slight hope lies

always wishing that they had stayed

their cold bodies are slowly laid

losing family, losing friends

losing yourself, it all depends

when daily you are treated with people that don’t try

it feels as if you live a lie

it’s their choice to care

its a promise that most won’t dare

to live in fear that empathy is needed

is to make others be unfairly treated

it gave them power not to fight

but fighting never caused light

at a loss of what to do

I let them treat me in whatever way they wished to.

cursed and stabbed I live now, still taking the hurt they give

friends you say?

maybe...they continue to make me stronger

perhaps that is their purpose

possibly making me live longer

they hurt me, then I knew

I was alone, crippled too

all I needed was one person

but they continued cursin`

no one is brave enough to stand tall

all look down, gun and bullet

shifting, preparing to pull it

I can feel the winter wind through each hole,

they made me a bullet soul

The author's comments:
I wrote this last year during a very trying time in my life. Looking back, I realize how depressed...and how alone I was. I hope that everyone that reads this can learn something from it. Always remember that there is hope, no matter how bad things are at the moment. :)

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