Materialistic Girl

December 14, 2010
Into the world
Of materialistic girl
As she burry’s herself deeper and deeper

The hours turn to days
To useless months spent
Hiding behind her mask

Deeper grows her foundation
Shallower grows her personality
Farther she grows from her family
Closer she goes to drugs and alcohol
More distant she goes from reality

She burns her hair
And now her skin
The more damage done
The more she seems to fit in

Gone were the days when
Highs were as natural as hair
When barfing was result of sickness
When Party’s were for birthdays
When her curfew was seven
When she looked up to heaven
When Facebook meant reading
When lying only meant deceiving

She peers through a window
Fogged by Darkness
Caused from a fight
She struggles to see past Friday night

Enclosed in the forever influencing walls of society
She digs deeper and deeper to discover popularity
Barricaded inside
She has no pride
She becomes her appearance
She’s beyond interference
Hope lies within her
Screaming to be free
From the world she created of

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