Medias Worldly Forced Image

December 14, 2010
ThatGirlYouNeverKnewButWantedTo BRONZE, Kodiak, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Grapejuice Then smile and watch as the world trys to figure out how you did it.

The lies, The guilt. It's all to much.
The love, The jokes. It feels so good.
These are the simple building blocks of life
and they are used many times in the pattern
before we die. The medias image is a big factor,
but is it one us teens can counter? Age is a wall
that has been set up, causing those with the larger
imagination to step down and be "molded" into the perfect child. We are controlled by powers we cannot

Even in Sleep, we do not Slumber.

The author's comments:
In health I realized that the media's image extremely big. Especially from the time we are born until we are 21. I hope people get the last line. It means that when we sleep, we are just resting but since the media has told us what to imagine we do not slumber. For slumber is peaceful dreaming of our OWN imagination.

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