The Dragon Hunter

December 19, 2010
She’s off to slay a mighty dragon.
Quite wicked beasts be they.
She feels she can complete the feat,
As her training lasted many a day.

The armor’s buffed and readied,
The shining sword’s been whet,
The destination chosen,
Nothing left about which to fret.

So she grabs her shoes and journeys
Through the treacherous terrain to the East
Where it was said that numerous dragons
Were enjoying a great human feast.

Now after she crossed many rivers
And climbed over various cliffs
She came to a small sycamore grove
And sniffed rancid dragon-like whiffs.

They are foul, ferocious, and fetid,
As putrid and strong as bad ale
She forces herself to continue,
But can’t help letting out a small wail.

After traipsing for over an hour
Our young heroine begins to wonder
“Where are these supposed dragons?
Have I scared them off with some blunder?”

Then all of a sudden she hears a soft noise,
A crunch and a crackle of leaves
“Aha!” thinks our bold adventurer
“I’ve found at last these mean thieves!”

She unsheathes her silvery sword
And howls a brave battle cry,
“Beware, beastly basilisks
I come to make you all die!”

So into the shadows she charges,
Preparing to face the foul fiend
When, out of the blue, a tiny voice squeaks,
“I’m but a baby, not at all mean!”

Surprised, she stops, her sword slipping slightly
Killing babies was never her plan.
So she sets down her sword and pulls out of her sack
Meat that she holds out in her hand.

The baby dragon crawls forward, gobbles it up,
And smiles a slight serpent smile,
“Thank you for feeding me, my mommy is gone,
She was killed a human named Kyle.”

From this moment on the two were fast friends.
Though their families fought fights to the end,
Dragon and girl did frolic and play
Wishing their world’s problems might mend.

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