Athletes Who Are Obviously Going to Make the Big Leagues Should Go to College

December 19, 2010
By Anonymous

The Football Stud

There one was a boy named Jake Fainéant

A boy that wasn’t so dumb.

All he wanted to do was play, every night and day,

No work, just a lot of fun.

When he entered high school, he tried out for the team.

The coach said he’d make it, no sweat.

He made first string, he felt like a king,

And he carried the team; they were the best yet.

Graduating high school, he went out to the world,

With scholarships every college would offer.

He went to Ohio State, which he thought it’d be great,

And every team he faced he would slaughter.

About a month into school, he got a phone call

From the GM of the New York Jets.

He said, “Come to camp, we’ll make you a champ”,

And Jake Fainéant said “Lets!”

So Jake dropped out of school and joined the Jets,

Making the team oh so fast. He became a star , and he raised the bar,

But soon, he wound up in a cast.

The doctor said it was a fractured hip,

Which he thought was quite severe.

Jake asked, “How long?” to the doc, and slammed his fist in shock,

As he said, “It will end your career.”

Poor Jake made no money, he had no where to go,

No savings to use for college.

“I should have stayed in school; why’d I think it wasn’t cool?

Should’ve studied English or Science”, which he suddenly now acknowledged.

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