The Elegance of a Frown

December 14, 2010
I am about 13
My heart sinks to my stomach. I find out that the whole school knows my secret. I walk through the halls as eyes are glued to my back and head. I can see the kids laughing as they turn their heads as if I would not have noticed.

I am about 11
I am listening to a band called Green Day… they’re not bad.

I am about 5
I laugh at the look on my brother’s face when he receives his first Nintendo. He beats me at every game we play.

I am about 14
I smell mint and rain as my heart is stolen from my chest for the first time in my life.

I am about 7
I beat my brother for the first time ever at anything. We are playing super smash brothers and I am Kirby and he is Ness I beat him with 3 lives to spare. he still denies I beat him.

I am about 12
I’m getting a rusty old guitar for Christmas from my mom; she is smiling as I begin unwrapping my life-changing gift. I begin strumming the out of tune strings on the guitar.

I am about 13
I am shipped off to California, my mom said something about moving me to my cousins house to make me feel better but I am too sad to even think.

I am about 7
I take a plane to Costa Rica and spend 2 weeks at the Iguana Inn living in a tree house and hanging out with family friends.

I am about 10
I finally learn how to cook my mom’s famous pasta sauce I will never eat pasta in a restaurant again.

I am about 2
I move to Tucson, Arizona. The tall mountains look over me and the peaceful desert sun sings me to sleep.

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