Super Grecia

December 14, 2010
By maryisacutie BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
maryisacutie BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:

Around 2005 my camp friends and I put on a play at the Living Desert in Palm Springs. I was the fennec fox and had to wear enormous, heavy ears. We were such a hit, our names and picture was on the front page of the newspaper.

Around 2000 I open up a snack bar in my living room with a store sign and everything. After I set it up and wait for costumers for ten minutes, I give up and put the food back into the pantry.

Around 2003 my second grade classmates make me a card with every one's name. Before I move the next day, I go to my best friend Kelsey’s house and we play in her backyard for hours and hide when my parents come so I don’t have to leave.

Around 2003 at recess I tell Kelsey I need to tell her a secret and go to a hidden area on the playground. We’re scrunched up in a yellow tunnel and in tears I tell her I’m moving.

Around 2010 my friend gets me my first Big Mac ever and I eat it on the bus ride to swim practice. For the next two hours I feel sick and fat.

Around 2009 I go to my first real concert at the Rialto over Spring Break. I had the best time crowd surfing and getting beat up in the mosh pits.

Around 1998 I go to our towns Hot August Nights with my family to eat ice cream and see all of the old cars. My favorite is the bubble gum pink 1950’s convertible, but only because of the name.

Around 1999 my sister and I are the flower girls for our baby sitter’s wedding. Everyone thought we were adorable sprinkling the petals all over the aisle. I don’t stop wearing the white sparkly shoes for months.

Around 2010 my stupid friend decides he wants scrambled eggs for dinner, so he takes two eggs from a bird nest and cracks one of them. When I see the bloody fetus on the ground, I yell at him and say I will take the other one home and raise it myself. Two weeks later I watch it hatch in my underwear drawer like in Fly Away Home, and take it to the animal shelter. I will be a great Mother one day.

Around 2004 I am a 50’s girl for Halloween. I love my pink poodle skirt my Mom sewed just for me.

Around 2007 I am at my Grandparents house when my Grandpa dies. The rest of my Winter Break is dark and sad.

Around 1998 I am at Day Care before Preschool and I make a necklace from a bottle cap with a picture of an alien on it. It was picture day and I will always have the green alien necklace in my preschool picture.

Around 2006 we go to Lake Tahoe for a week with friends. We were tubing in the lake when I jam my pinky. I cry but no one believes me when I say it is broken, until it never healed. I will always have a crooked pinky finger.

Around 2001 the day of September 11th, I went to school normally and didn’t discover what had happened until I got to class.

Around 2005 I won an award for the best story in my school. It was titled Super Grecia after my best friend and the teachers put on a play. Later everyone congratulated Grecia, instead of me for being super and received all of the props that were used. I cried but she never noticed.

The author's comments:
In class we were assigned to write a memoir. I thought of random moments in my life and put them on paper!

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