December 19, 2010
Your eyes seem empty as you stare into mine. I never felt more perfect as you looked into my eyes.

But it feels distant, not like before. Now you're like a drug that I need to endure.

I watch as your eyes whisper, and your lips shape words. Somehow I cannot hear your precious chords.

Your arm around me, as perfect as it seems. You're drifting away from me.

And it's dark. The stars and the moon are our only way.

Take my hand as this worlds turns grey.

And the music will scream, we won't let go.

We will hear it and dance to the tune, that echoes in your tone.

The darkness will sourrounds us, and give us this mood.

We will bathe ourselves in blood if we have to.

Now your hands are gentle, and the night seems safe.

Your hands caress the guitar in different ways.

I watch him carefully, with gentle eyes.

His music caressing my ears in a way that makes me die.

Now his words are simple, and the music has stopped.

But his words caress me in the same way, filling me up alot.

And I need him, right now more than ever.

But it's alright.. as long as him and I are together.

Now the darkness chains me, and I cannot move.

I am frozen into sin and don't know what to do.

His eyes are beautiful, a kind of blue that kills me.

I need him all over, just to be there with me.

And now the darkness tears, and he continues playing guitar.

Which is now mostly torn apart and gone.

I dance now, to a softer tune.

It's one that he seems to play, and it kills the mood.

But we don't leave, the darkness controlls us.

Darkness embraces me and I remember this kind of lust.

But it doesnt breathe, nor does it linger.

It's deep within your skin, and drawn on your finger.

Then you look, just to see the simple trace

But now it's gone.. somehow left this place.

And that's the blood, it lies on our hands

Caresses our skin.. a taste so bland.

And now I'm cold, a tempature so warming

The sky is red, and these weird figures begin forming.

I forget who I am or where I was

I lost everything..just because.

And you're bleeding, covered in blood.

My necklace is gone.. left in the flood.

Then I wake up.. to your beautiful face

Realizing you never even left this place.

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