words part 2

December 13, 2010
By RyanLynnK SILVER, Salado, Texas
RyanLynnK SILVER, Salado, Texas
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Words are dangerous yet bring joy
For instance my words can turn you into a toy
I laugh as you soon become the game of a boy
I could make you feel as if you are the only girl on the earth
But yet I treat you as if you belong in my hearth

With a select few of my words I could melt you where you stand
And then I will have you in the palm of my hand
I soon become your closest friend but inside I am a demon in the shape of a young man
I could move you and make you do whatever I want
You will do as I say with the slightest of taunts

For you are my puppet and the string is my words
But yet the inner you locks your heart with a system of passwords
And like a pianist I play with your heart and make it cry with my chords
And then I say some words that make you my project
Then my love your like a ship that is wrecked

I look at your heart and see what damage I need to do
But my love you start to cry halfway through
I rip your heart out and tear it in to two
There it is on the ground and beside it is me looking at you
Laughing as you cry when no one is around

The author's comments:
just trying to perfect my art

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