The Mask

December 13, 2010
Look at me, no you down there, what do you see?
What? You see a happy little fellow bowing on his knees?
No that is not him, over here, yes that’s me, the fellow right there.
Now tell me. What do you see? Nothing? But why?
You want to see my face? Well too bad because I am your nightmare.

I know how you act. I know of the real you.
Is it not a surprise that I can see right through?
You wear a mask, that’s needless to say
I know how inside you want to die
But anyways it’s not about you because today is my day

Today is my day to tell the world how I really feel.
Now it is my turn to make you kneel
Bow down to the new master, the one that can really make you squeal
You see it is not of these past events that have made me mad
It is the fact that you have hidden your feelings under a veil

Shut up! And pay attention, because you life is just a mistake
You pretend for everyone and act like your one of them,
But secretly they know that you’re a fake
You act like them! Is your life really that sad?
It’s all your fault that you are like a dead stem

You’re like a puppet, yes, that is what you are
They pull you and bend you then throw you afar
You’re just another piece of trash tossed onto the street
Or better yet, a summer with no heat

Grow a spine, take some action
Unless you want to be stuck in this same faction
You little coward, How dare you lie on your back
Now you’re vulnerable for yet another attack

Whatever, I am disgusted with you again
You are a loser now, and you were always a loser back then
Wait! I didn’t mean that, put the gun down!

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