image says it all

December 13, 2010
By Gothickitty10 BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
Gothickitty10 BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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Image says it all
I walk down these halls with my head held high or low
People talking behind my back, like I don’t even know

They think there so clever
With there skinny blues, there heel boots, and the fancy eyewear
That I can’t hear their comments, which they snicker back and forth to one another
About my image that I wear
So I don’t dress like everyone else
Big whoop
I love my combat boots, my ripped up jeans and my chemical romance CD’s
They just don’t get me
And I don’t give a hoot!
But they can’t see the feelings that I hide.

They don’t realize how much it can hurt inside

They just keep on talking dirt.

So may things left unsaid

The tears that I don’t sheeted.

Image is all they see, they don’t see the real me.

So image says it all

But not for me

There’s no image that I can see, only liars and betrayal

So keep your image

I’m happy and content with my image

Can you see?

My image out runs yours any day and time!

The author's comments:
well i was tired of people judging others on their image and well i wrote this to let people know how it feels, i hope thoses who know me will finally understand me

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