The pet not chosen

December 12, 2010
By Trevor3 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Trevor3 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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The little Turtles in the tank swam around,
Their legs kicking as fast as motor boat rotors.
I wish I could have both.
Only a costumer, I could not choose which to buy.
I stood there for 15 minutes over the tank choosing which to buy.
I almost chose one, but then I wanted the other.
They both were the same size and species.
They were both a beautiful in nature,
But one`s shell was unique and made of shining diamonds,
While the other loved to swim and tackle the other Turtle.
Besides their shells, they were both almost similar.
No one really noticed there beauty besides me.
That morning they both woke up and swam around and ate,
In the same tank in the same pet store every day.
I thought to myself for a few minutes,
Maybe I could buy the other another day,
But this store was a while away from my home.
Unfortunately, I must say this with a sad tone,
On that very day when I was leaving the store,
I left without a single Turtle in a tank.
I couldn`t take one and leave the other alone for days or even weeks.
I thought maybe someone else would buy them together,
And that has made someone else and the Turtles happier.

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