To Tell the Truth

December 12, 2010
To tell you the truth:
I’ve written a poem for an excuse to talk to you.
I’ve updated my status in hopes you’ll question.
Towards you, I have been completely insensitive.
I have been sorry but not stopped being so rude.
I have told people what to choose.
I have been ignorant because I was with my friends.
I have lied to you with the truth in my head.
I’ve been scared to death, but saddled up anyway.
I’ve fallen on my face and told absolutely nobody.
I have asked questions to make you feel embarrassed.
I have done things, even when I regret it.
I’ve made fun of you to make someone laugh.
Even promised myself this would all come to a stop.
I have said no when it was the right thing to do.
And, through all of this, I’ll be honest, I’m afraid I will lose you.

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