Free Soul

December 12, 2010
You’re pushing me out of this place I once knew
You think it’s all yours and all about you
This place is where I belong
This is what built me to be so strong
You’re pushing me out and I’m drifting away
But I wont give you satisfaction, not today
You leave me alone, crying my tears,
But I won’t be weak and show you my fears
I walk by you everyday
You still have yet to look my way
You think you’re an adult and mature as can be,
Yet you wont say a single word to me
You think you can make me break
You think it’s all a stupid game
You’re pushing so hard, but I’ll push right back
Because my self-control isn’t something I lack
This is my home, and you can’t make me leave
I am not your doll. Under your control, my soul is still free

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