Like my Heroine of Wine

December 12, 2010
By DaniGodsChildCooper SILVER, Smyrna, Delaware
DaniGodsChildCooper SILVER, Smyrna, Delaware
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You’re like my heroine of wine addicting and sweet;
Touch so warm and light it makes me weak
Kiss so lustful like chocolate I can’t waste
Like jelly in your arms, I take in the taste
So soft and warm, your mouth gently caresses my lips
I’m taking you in like gulps instead of sips,
Holding on to you was like feeling drunk and high
Kiss so delicious it makes me do nothing but sigh
Vulnerable, dizzy, you have me all over the place;
Holding you close to me, dying of your taste
Anxious and can’t help that you’re the one I crave
I just want to do the bad, but I’m fighting to behave
Driving me crazy I want you more and more,
Kissing until we hit the floor
Weak, hungry, my craving growing strong
Kissing you hard, intimate and long
My fingers tangled in your dark hair
Not taking it anymore I push you in the chair
I take you in like my bottle of wine,
Enjoying your taste that is just so divine
Pouncing on top of you, I take the scent of you in
Drinking you again and again
You’re like my heroin of wine addicting and sweet,
As we lay on the ground not able to speak.

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