God's eyes.

December 12, 2010
By DaniGodsChildCooper SILVER, Smyrna, Delaware
DaniGodsChildCooper SILVER, Smyrna, Delaware
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The sun and the moon reminds me of gods eyes
when the sun shines on me i know he's close by
when day arrives his eyes give us light
and the moon appears when it is dark as night
when i look outside i sometimes see a full moon
knowing the the wolves will be coming soon
sometimes the moon is red and bright
or sometimes may be the color white
I sometimes think, he's giving us a sign
That it is the time to all combine
As the sun goes down i thinks He's taking a break
and the Next morning his eyes will soon awake
as the night comes in he is back again
as the earth is going for a wild spin
gods eyes is like seeing the future and the past
as the moon doubles over and overlaps to cast
a shadow of light ready to explore
the pupil of his eyes right up to the core
of the meaning of his eyes so deep and strong
its lke his eyes is telling a story of our simple song
god's eyes is like a book telling us what he wants done
looking at us, his eyes of the moon and the sun
gods eyes are like diamonds, beautiful, bright and rare
showing us the boundaries and traps that can't compare
the sun and the moon reminds me of gods eyes
close to us as time goes by
day by day his eye desappears into the night
and into the morning as his eye brings light

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