My American Dream

December 12, 2010
By Juju Rodriguez BRONZE, Matter!!, Massachusetts
Juju Rodriguez BRONZE, Matter!!, Massachusetts
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Have You Ever Heard Someone On Their Death Bed,
Wishing They Spent More Time At Work Rather Than With Their Loved Ones?
A Path Of Misery Was Led
Money Was The Only Thing They Had By Tons
Missing The Most Important Part Of Life
Where They Had Happiness
A Family, A Husband Or Wife
No Feeling Of Loneliness
Time Balanced Between Their Job Nd Home
So They Wouldn't End Up Alone
Focusing On Fame Nd Fortune
Neglection Of The Real Treasures Began

Now Pace Of A Heart Beat, Faster And Faster
Whats A Big House Worth, When Its Empty
Whats the meaning of money when U Forgot The Value of happiness
Money Cant Buy Happiness
Ur dream to be Rich and Famous
isn't the American Dream
u can have it all
the cars, the mansions and the chance to live big
but at the end of the night u still wished
ur Misery Was diminished

Then The Doctors Rushing In
Having The Wealth Nd Fame
Knowinq Life Just Wasn't The Same
Thinking U were Achieving The Dream
But That's Just How It Seem

Oxygen Mask Has Been Put On
Breathing Harder Nd Harder
Just Accomplished Being A Lonely Guy
Looking Around At Ur Empty Place
Couldn't Do Nothing But Think Nd Sigh
What If Money Wasn't The Only Thing U Would Chase
U Wouldn't Be Living A Nightmare, Accusing The Dream Of Betrayal
When Ur Image Of It Was Fatal
When In Reality U Just Became Greedy, Not Caring About The Needy
People Like U, Encourage It To Become More Of A Wonder
Realizing That No Matter How Much U Ponder
Ur Not Going No Where, Ur Life Isn't Ending
The American Dream Is Becoming Just A Dream
U Pulled The Plug...Beeep

The author's comments:
In my enqlish AP class we are doing a projec based on the american dream nd i chose to wirte a poem on what it means to me. And im hoping people fin the purpose of the American Dream.

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