So I Run...

December 13, 2010
So I Run…
The 16.5 mile marker. Where I will start and end this day. As I pass it I hear the communal clicks of watches, signaling the beginning of this journey. So I run.
At first it’s a breeze, stories of weekends being thrown about, people laughing up a storm, the Sun warm on my back, and smiles all around. I know to take in this moment because it won’t last forever. So I run.
Bikes rush past with barely a sound, and I say good job to our competitors as we cross each other’s paths. I know that there will be a day to defeat them, and that today is not that day. So I run.
The once warm sun feels more like a blazing fire now as we go up the hill, and I want to slow down, but then I recall Megan Rosa saying, “Running hurts, that’s life” and continue. I’m over half way and I’ve got nothing to lose. So I run.
The way back seems longer than it was coming out. An endless path of twists and turns surrounds me. The trees above have sunlight breaking through, almost as if it’s dancing and having fun. Thinking about this makes me sigh and smile to myself. So I run.
The group I’m in is getting smaller, but is still strong. Petite, but even more determined. We’re a force to be reckoned with. Our leader Edith is off in the distance going her own pace challenging us all to be better. Whether we accept the challenge or not is up to us. So I run.
Two miles left and my body can feel it. My legs no longer fresh plead for mercy, but I refuse. I focus, breathe in breathe out, and continue on. So I run.
Our group once numerous is now breaking down even further. As I part from them she comes along. We’re almost one entity. Same breathing, stride, and speed. No talking necessary because she already knows what I’m about to say. As she digs in and pushes the pace so do I. So we run.
I finish. Heart beating fast, legs a little wobbly, and smiling because I feel good in a way only a runner could truly understand. 9 ½ miles which once seemed crazy is now routine. So I run, not only because it makes me better, smarter, faster, and stronger, but because it’s who I am and what I do. So I run.

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