Christmas Time

November 21, 2007
By Shivani Sharma, Middletown, NY

Everyone is singing “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells”
From the kitchen are coming delicious aromas and smells
I open my presents, smile, and scream
Everything seems like a beautiful dream

Outside my house, tons of snow is falling
Inside my house, little babies are crawling
Outside the sky is dark, and the ground is all white
Inside here, there’s a lot of light

I can smell sweet and yummy pies baking
I can see the paper snowflakes that the children are making
Everything is white, red, and green
The sight is bright, joyful, and serene

From a distance, I can hear my brother making lots of noise
Soon I see him playing with many other boys
Christmas is making everyone rejoice
It’s so loud; I can’t even hear my own voice

There’s a crowd at my house
I doubt there’s space even for a mouse
People are occupying every single couch
I too want to sit down, relax, and slouch

The food is so tasty; I feel tempted to eat more
But if I do, I know I won’t fit through the door
I’m so happy; my eyes are filled with tears
But I know that we’ll soon get together in time for New Years

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