The Underlying Hypocracy Behind Life as We Know It

November 16, 2007
It's like when you close your eyes. A wave of darkness coming over you,
and you get suffocated,
and it's like a secret utopia you try to conquer everytime.
You devolop habits, customs, sayings; things you're too afraid to contradict.
And as you find yourself repeatedly finding yourself,
then losing yourself once again,
you begin to understand the concept.
The fear of flying is only the fear of falling.
It's the fear of being afraid and the fear of being numb,
the fear of knowing that any second could be your last.
You hold your breath until there's nothing left,
then hold it a little longer,
hoping that holding it will make it better.
Then, finding out, that in the end, holding it was the best part of the ride.
The feeling,
the rush,
the adrenaline.
It's all part of some secret world we develop in our minds.
We imagine what it feels like,
What it tastes like.
We try to imagine all the thought processes that were put into creating such a magnificant piece of work.
Then we open our eyes,
And see a world that is only a world,
And a life that was only worth living while your eyes were closed.

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