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December 4, 2010
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Well hello how are you?
I just thought I would write you a letter to say hi.
Like maybe we could go out some time and just hang and you know
Laugh and have lots of fun because you all ways make me laugh.
You all ways have the perfect jokes to say when it comes to movies.
Originally I all ways start out liking the movie but you all ways
Utter something to make the movie look bad and then I dump on the
Goofy movie. Look, I know we’re friends but I want you to be more
Open with me. You are really cool and I want to get to know you, I’m
Optimistic. I know you seem all “I don’t care” but I can see
Underneath and I know you’re hurting. What could be so bad about
Telling me? Sometimes I sit and think about you and I really do
Wonder what you think about me. Sometimes I think it’s something bad.
It eats me up inside thinking about the possibilities. I hope you
Think of me fondly. I know I’m a bit crazy and weird but I
Hope you don’t hold that against me. Everything up here in my
Mind is kind of going all over the place. Well I guess I should really
End this letter. And I was just wondering, what’s your answer?

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