Just the Ink

December 8, 2010
By ToriMcCool BRONZE, Newcastle, California
ToriMcCool BRONZE, Newcastle, California
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Just a few black words on white paper.
Just one fact, then another.
No feeling please,
Someone may disagree.
Do not mention race,
Just plainly state your case.
If it offends the Baptist,
The Catholic or pacifist,
Do not write it,
Just the facts,
And only the facts.

Do not use “I” or “we,”
What if someone is displeased?
No italics or explanations,
Just the words.
No lamentations.
There is no need.
To make enemies.
With words like “want” and “need.”

Just write one fact.
Then another.
No opinion.
For those tend to offend.
Be a writer,
Not a philosopher,
For those are dead and gone.
Aesop’s fables can go unmentioned,
For they reveal true intentions.

Don’t say “Jesus”
Or mention the Bible
What if a Buddhist
Holds you liable?
And whatever you do,
Do not imply someone is wrong,
Whether Obama, Mark Twain or an old love song

Just words on a page,
That is all we need.
You are better off with just the ink.
Or so they think.

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