What Am I?

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Growing, festering, deadening, I easily fill a room
In an especially awkward atmosphere, I fill most up with gloom
I can make adolescents shift with edgy dread
An ally in a war, I accompany the dead
I twist relationships, exactly as I please
I can make the warmest hearts, shrivel up and freeze
I hear the thoughts that pound their heads, ready to break away
The thoughts are trapped like birds, but they won’t try to stray
I accompany thieves and aid them greatly, prancing through the night
When I’m around the most stolid are consumed with desperate fright
I slip through cracks and consume my victims; they dread me coming there
I dance with the mountain and sing with the rocks I am one with the air
Sometimes I am welcomed, contentment my best friend
Other times I unnerve people, a companion in the end
I know they want to speak, I know they want to talk
How I laugh and scorn them all, I easily can just mock
I scream and shriek and wail hysterically
They cannot hear each other; they can only hear just me
You want to know the saddest part of this entire situation?
The pain the struggles the awkwardness, can be prevented without stipulation
See, that’s the power that I’m born with, the power that I hold
But until they figure me out, they truth will remain untold
I can be warm and sweet and pleasant – I’d like to make amends
Unfortunately, I’m regarded by most, a pariah of my friends
I’m easily broken, I’m easily beat
You’ve only got to try this feat
Until you figure me out
It’s going to be a long rocky route

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