December 20, 2010
One end rises, the other falls
feels the sky beckon, feels its call.
Teeny palms grip the bar
afraid to leave, but in mind go far.
Cotton clouds whisper high
as they linger in the sky.
Whips of white curl throughout
the silver tint on the clouds of doubt.
Sweaty fingers tightly curled
Start to surrender to the lofty world.
Small feet float as they rise
Adrenaline is the prize.
But suddenly, you start to choke
you look down; the handle’s broke.
Fear stops you way up high
halfway in the endless sky.
With one foot in and one foot out
slowly comes the shades of doubt.
And though you grip with all your might
this brutal match is not a fight.
Though infinity is on your side
wonder is an endless ride.
And so instead relieve your scorn
Instead of hand and tear be torn.
Though the fear of the unknown
Everything will once be grown.
Nothing ever stays the same
so learn to love whatever came.
Learn to mourn all those lost
and love no matter what the cost.
As you plummet to the ground
Just remember all you found.
Freedom’s thoughts, sweet and raw
Have you seen? Yes, I saw.

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