Quiet Wishes

December 14, 2010
By Desiree Gutierrez BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
Desiree Gutierrez BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
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Quiet Wishes…

These quiet wishes of mine have been spoken silently

Hidden from everyone I know and love…
Hidden even from my angels who stand my side

Mystery Wishes I even question

But these wishes were made amongst many things built and placed within my life, heart, soul and many loved by myself

Some of these wishes have been long forgotten

Yet there are some that bind the vales of my heart while it still frantically beats from the one whom I once loved

Though that love is fading away as if it were never there, so are these wishes.

With the help of an angel that God Himself sent to me.
That angel has stood by me through wrath hatred

She has melodies that decrease the pain created from the wishes and dreams I had for myself: but will never attain.
Which bonds us as eternal sisters
Sadly I envy her with desperate desires that for-tell of what could have been mine.

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