December 13, 2010
By lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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i apologize for writing you that four page letter
i was only hoping for things to go farther and get better
i just wanted to express my feelings to you
and all i wanted was to be your boo
if it helps i still think about you
even though we just messed around and never was together
but in my mind it seemed like we were forever
i just wanted to be in the in crowd
i wanted to be called a FOOL too
i fell in love with you

havent talked to you since i wrote you that letter
i guess now i know better
i think its been 4 months now
and all anyone can say is WOW!
i just feel like that **** you did was foul
you could have said something
now my heart is in shattered pieces and i have NOTHING!

i still have a feeling that you'll come around
but for now lets just hope my tears dont make a dripping sound
and sneak out before this lost love is FOUND!

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