lead by example

December 13, 2010
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Guys don’t like me because I sit with my legs crossed or closed instead of open thinking im ready for some
guys don’t like me becuase I walk with my head held high thinkin I kno wats wrong and wats right
guys don’t like beccause I don’t walk around with my head hanging down. Becuase unlike some other girls my neck isnt sore from not doint something I wasnt supposed to last night with my best friends guy
guys don’t like me becuase I speak wats on my mind instead of agreeing to every lil thing they say
guys don’t like me becuase I like to stare off in space,
and just becuase I like having my own space
see im safe in my own thoughts therefore you don’t know what im thinking
and my heart begans sinking while thinking: only if I fell for your type
You just wanna peek under her skirt
but u might not wat to shes burning I heard
so he just ran the other way scurred
by the way I heard she gave it to your best friend, sister and brother
I also heard she slept around with your lover
oh did I just say that aloud?
My bad I though I was whispering a lil somthing
its not polite to whiper
sooo..why do people whipser about me
she crazy I heard, she got pregnant I heard, she got kicked outta skool I heard,
I herd , I heard, I heard,
thats all I seem to heard down the halls in my high school, in my high school classroom
on the bus.
The reasons teen are suicidal now, just by soemthing you heard
soemtimes its nice to spread the word
but it doesnt always have to be something bad you heard.
I heard...
U all look down on me because I choose to be my own
a leader not a follower
Lead by example

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