determined to be the best

December 13, 2010
By lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tupac said it the best
“I aint no killa but don’t push me.”
I live my life by that motto you see
with that beat that go to hail mary
see real ****** don’t listen because I heard that beat make them lyrics extra scary
rather listen to that ****, then a ***** talkin bout sex all in my ear all day
hey peep this this is wat I gotta say
I’d rather listen to him then lil wayne any day
he speaks the truth unlike all these other rappers now days
tryna figure out they lyrics, is tryna get around a maze
little kids nowdays is the only ones that they praise
I cant take it no more the words in mind I’m starting to go ablaze
hearing plenty lil diffrerent things
but trust me it wont be over till the fat lady sings
and let freedom ring
you can go and try and search my words on bing
but you wont find nuthin but a bunch of crap
only if I could write a good enough of a rap
maybe people will listen if started writing gangtsa rap and
always walkin around like im hard with a pistol strap
now can I get a hand clap
may I get a round of applause
or a standing ovaation
because I have a goal
a determenation
to be the best and nothing but the best
but im far so far from sitting back and taking a rest

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