You'll Know

December 13, 2010
By lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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We always judge people for what they do, but never really look at ourselves
we may really not have a purpose in life but we have a freedom of speech in how we handle things
you may not be that boy that raps or the pretty girl that sings
but you may be the one who has a special gift and see what having joy brings
he's king and your queen
for you his love's fein
you may not really understand what i mean
i mean ,youre my adam and im youre eve
two hearts and together we bleed
love at first sight, are u kidding me that light shined bright
catching my breath am i sure im alright
i tried to put up a fight with all my might
but kept seeing visions of you that very night
my heart soared away with you on that kite
it took a long journey on that flight to find its way back to you
our tunnel of love is everlasting
seeing red hearts on that street im passing
casting, a spell on you to never let me go and never let this love die
my heart would be crushed if you ever said bye
and to you, id never lie
oh bolognoa on rie
ha..that was funny i had to cry
but let that be the only time i cry
unless tears of joy decide to pass by
when youre kissing me on my cheeck
while taking my breath away so i wont have to speak
YOU'LL know while holding my hand and taking a walk on the beach in the sand
YOU'LL know because i couldnt afford it ill reeanct your favorite band
YOU'LL know ill always stay true and just because im black dont mean i cant say it till i turn blue
and for you ill proove my love to you
just give me a microphone and a stool
and for doing this you can call me crazy or a fool
cuase im crazy in love and a fool for you
prove my love to you
since you see right through
i just did by writing this
now lets end all with a perfect little kiss.

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