Nora's Evolution

December 7, 2010
By tcbell BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
tcbell BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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The confused mind of a woman unsure of her abilities
distracted by material possessions and superficiality
Plays house with her husband and children too
Unknowing of the damage her secrets would do.
Sang and performed as Torvald's sweet lark
used her mind but ignored her heart.
Focused on selfish pleasures and fragile fronts
Ignored the the truth and desired abundance
Deep down she cared for others' situations,
but she disguised this with feebleness and limitations.
Never believed herself to be more than a housewife
unknowingly causing her to feel unfulfilled with her life
Wanted to keep up the facade,
but refused to continue to live a lie.
When Torvald commited the ultimate sin,
Nora knew she could no longer pretend.
Feeling hurt, ashamed, and betrayed,
Nora knew her departure could no longer be delayed.
She left her house, husband, and her children.
and slammed the door without looking back, never to return again.

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